June 15, 2017

Quest stands as the final project for the Bachelor's degree at HEIG-VD, showcasing a comprehensive web survey platform. This intricate project is meticulously crafted using a technical stack that includes Spring Boot, Angular 2, TypeScript, and MongoDB. Noteworthy features of Quest include dynamic form validation, the implementation of nested complex forms supporting multiple types, and more.

Key Technologies:

  • Spring Boot Backend: Quest's backend is built on Spring Boot, providing a robust and scalable foundation for managing server-side logic, data interactions, and RESTful API endpoints. Spring Boot's convention-over-configuration approach streamlines development and promotes code maintainability.

  • Angular 2 Frontend: The frontend of Quest is developed using Angular 2, a powerful JavaScript framework for building dynamic web applications. Angular 2's component-based architecture and TypeScript support contribute to the creation of a responsive and feature-rich user interface.

  • TypeScript Language: TypeScript is employed for writing the frontend code of Quest, enhancing the development process with its static typing and modern ECMAScript features. TypeScript ensures better code quality and facilitates a smoother development experience.

  • MongoDB Database: Quest utilizes MongoDB as its database, offering a flexible and scalable NoSQL solution. MongoDB's document-oriented structure accommodates the dynamic and nested forms inherent to a survey platform.

Complex Form Dynamics:

Quest's technical complexity is underscored by its dynamic form validation, intricate nested forms, and support for various form field types. This complexity arises from the need to accommodate diverse survey structures and ensure a versatile user experience.

Learning Opportunities:

As the final project for a Bachelor's degree, Quest provides a hands-on learning experience, allowing students to explore and apply advanced concepts in web development, including complex form structures, server-client interactions, and data storage with MongoDB.

How to Explore:

For those interested in the technical intricacies of Quest or seeking insights into the development of a sophisticated web survey platform, the source code is available on the associated GitHub repository.

In summary, Quest is a testament to the technical prowess developed during a Bachelor's program, integrating Spring Boot, Angular 2, TypeScript, and MongoDB to create a robust and dynamic web survey platform.

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