February 15, 2017

Events is a web application developed as part of a course at HEIG-VD, designed to explore Scala and ScalaJS technologies. The primary focus of this project is to provide a platform for managing and showcasing events.

Key Aspects:

  • Scala Backend: The backend of Events is implemented using Scala, a versatile programming language that combines functional and object-oriented paradigms. Scala's expressiveness and type safety contribute to a robust and maintainable backend infrastructure for managing event-related data.

  • ScalaJS Frontend: The frontend of Events is built with ScalaJS, a technology that compiles Scala code into JavaScript. ScalaJS enables the development of web applications using the same language for both frontend and backend, promoting code consistency and ease of maintenance.


Events web app is crafted to manage various aspects of events, from creation and scheduling to participant management. The application allows users to interact with event data seamlessly, providing an intuitive and responsive user interface.

Learning Scala:

The development of Events serves as an educational endeavor to test and explore Scala and ScalaJS. The project provides hands-on experience with Scala's conciseness and functional programming features, as well as ScalaJS's ability to bring the power of Scala to the web.

How to Explore:

For those interested in Scala and ScalaJS or seeking an example of their practical application, the source code of the Events project is available for exploration on the associated GitHub repository.

In summary, Events is a technical project developed for educational purposes, focusing on Scala and ScalaJS. Through this web application, developers and enthusiasts can gain insights into the capabilities and nuances of these technologies in the context of building an event management platform.

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