Mountain Track

August 19, 2017

Mountain Tracks Explorator is a project developed as part of the "Information Visualisation" master course at HES-SO. The project is available on GitHub for exploration and learning purposes.

Key Aspects:

  • Purpose and Context: Mountain Tracks Explorator is designed to fulfill the requirements of the "Information Visualisation" master course, emphasizing the application of visualisation techniques to explore and analyze data related to mountain tracks.

  • Technological Stack: The technical stack employed in this project is not explicitly mentioned, but it is expected to involve relevant technologies for information visualization. This may include frameworks like D3.js, Plotly, or other tools suitable for creating interactive and informative visualizations.

Learning Objectives:

Mountain Tracks Explorator serves as an educational project, allowing students to apply principles learned in the "Information Visualisation" course. This involves the practical implementation of visualization techniques, handling data, and creating a user-friendly interface to explore mountain track data.

GitHub Repository:

For those interested in delving into the details of Mountain Tracks Explorator or exploring the application of information visualization techniques, the source code is available on the associated GitHub repository.

In summary, Mountain Tracks Explorator is a project developed within an academic setting, focusing on the practical application of information visualization concepts. The GitHub repository provides a valuable resource for individuals looking to understand the implementation of these concepts in a real-world scenario.

Check it out here

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