Chain of Invincibility

May 12, 2016

"Chain of Invincibility" is a command line-based fighting simulation game developed for a school project, strategically designed to showcase the application of the chain of responsibility design pattern.

The chain of responsibility design pattern is a behavioral pattern where a request passes through a chain of handlers, each capable of processing or delegating the request. This pattern promotes loose coupling and flexibility in handling requests.

In the context of "Chain of Invincibility," the goal is to emerge victorious in battles by assembling a team of combatants. The pivotal aspect lies in the strategic selection of the order in which combatants launch their attacks, emphasizing the impact on the overall outcome of the fight. Each fighter possesses a distinct class, endowing them with strengths and weaknesses akin to the class-based combat systems seen in games like Pokémon.

Executed entirely in the command line interface, the project delves into the core principles of object-oriented design and programming patterns. The visual simplicity conceals the underlying complexity of the chain of responsibility pattern, offering an insightful demonstration of its application within a practical, interactive context. The result is an educational and engaging project that brings the theory of design patterns to life through the immersive experience of simulated battles.

Game Game Game Game

Screenshots taken from the game