April 24, 2016

Starballs originated as a spontaneous project, born from a single night's collaboration with a friend. Its initial simplicity evolved into a remarkably enjoyable game, prompting us to enhance it with gamification elements, rewards, and advertisements.

In Starballs, players propel a ball or chosen icon through the vast expanse of space. The unique mechanic of time slowing down upon screen touch adds an element of strategy, allowing precise aiming and powerful throws. However, speed comes at a cost, as navigating the cascading meteorites becomes increasingly challenging. The objective is to journey as far as possible, accumulating points and avoiding obstacles.

The gamification aspect introduced a competitive edge with a maximum distance traveled score. This friendly rivalry encouraged players to challenge friends and strive for the highest score. To amplify the competitive spirit, we integrated Google Play, showcasing a leaderboard of the game's top performers.

Adding a layer of prestige to the experience, players can earn points to unlock new characters within the game. This further incentivizes gameplay, offering a tangible reward for achievements. To support ongoing development, ads were strategically implemented, appearing regularly. For those seeking an extra boost, intentional ad views provide additional prestige points, creating a balance between monetization and player engagement.

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Screenshots taken from the game