March 3, 2016

Welcome to Arrows, a dynamic mobile game featuring an infinite procedurally generated level that challenges your reflexes and precision. Your mission is simple: control the direction of an arrow by tapping and holding on the screen. Navigate swiftly through the endless level, avoiding the perilous borders. The stakes are high – if the arrow touches the border, it explodes, signaling the end of your quest.

Arrows demands quick thinking and nimble fingers as you strive to hold on for as long as possible. The ever-changing, procedurally generated level keeps you on your toes, requiring adaptability and a keen sense of timing. The longer you persist, the greater the challenge becomes, testing your ability to react swiftly and make split-second decisions.

Get ready for an addictive and fast-paced gaming experience where your survival hinges on your agility and focus. How long can you guide the arrow through the procedurally shifting terrain? It's time to embark on an endless journey in Arrows and prove your prowess in this thrilling mobile challenge.

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Screenshots taken from the game