Baremaps and becoming a member of the Apache foundation

January 15, 2023

Apache Baremaps is an open source toolkit and a set of infrastructure components for creating, publishing, and operating online maps. It provides a data pipeline enabling developers to build maps with different data sources. It offers live reload capabilities that allow cartographers to customize the content and the style of a map. It includes an attribution-free map schema and style that stimulates derived work. Finally, it provides services commonly used in online maps, such as location search and IP to location.

Baremaps demo

My part in Baremaps

During my work at HEIG-VD, I had the chance to work with Bertil Chapuis. He is the founder of Baremaps and a great mentor for me. He gave me the chance to take a part in the development of Baremaps. To discuss on various architectural topics and to develop some components such as the IP to location and Geocoding features.

Apache foundation

After many years of development, Bertil took the opportunity to put Baremaps in the Apache foundation to ensure it's future development and to grow a community around the project. As a committer I had the chance to become a member of the Apache foundation and to take part into the incubation process.