Nothing to hide: Ludum Dare 47

September 8, 2020

Since he joined the resistance, Bob is stuck in a loop where the cause keeps asking him favors…

The game is all about hiding stuff in your apartment. Each time comrades ask you a favour, a police officer will come to inspect your house. If he sees an illegal object it’s game over ! Think fast as you only get a couple of seconds to hide each object !

We made this game with Unity, initially using the HDRP but in the end we discovered that the HDRP wasen’t supported by WebGL game so we had to downgrade last minute to the URP.

Musics are made by Elbbard, we did all the 3D modeling and the coding is a patchwork of Brackey’s, stackoverflow, spiced by our own code.

Game Game Game Game *Screenshots taken from the game*