Confluence Visualization

June 8, 2020

Confluence Visualization is a technical project focused on visualizing data sourced from Confluence, a collaboration and documentation platform. The visualization employs a treemap and other views, powered by the D3.js library. The Confluence API is utilized to retrieve and integrate data for dynamic and informative visual representations.

Key Components:

  • D3.js for Data Visualization: Confluence Visualization leverages D3.js, a powerful JavaScript library for creating dynamic and interactive data visualizations in web browsers. D3.js is instrumental in rendering the treemap and other visual elements, providing a versatile framework for conveying Confluence data effectively.

  • Treemap View: The treemap view is a key feature of the visualization, allowing for the hierarchical representation of data. This view aids in presenting complex data structures in an intuitive and visually compelling manner, enhancing the understanding of relationships and proportions.

  • Confluence API Integration: To gather the necessary data for visualization, Confluence Visualization interfaces with the Confluence API. This integration enables the extraction of relevant information, such as page structures, user contributions, or other data points stored within Confluence.


Confluence Visualization goes beyond traditional data presentation by providing an interactive and dynamic exploration of Confluence data. The treemap, along with other views, allows users to gain insights into the structure, contributions, or any other metrics stored in Confluence.

How to Use:

While the specific details of the Confluence API endpoints and data sources are not provided, users interested in exploring the visualizations can interact with the application directly. This may involve accessing the project's source code or interface to understand the intricacies of data visualization using D3.js and the Confluence API.

In summary, Confluence Visualization is a technical project that employs D3.js for visualizing Confluence data, emphasizing a treemap and other views. The integration with the Confluence API enables the creation of dynamic and informative visual representations for enhanced data exploration.