June 6, 2018

During my master's degree in game design, our team developed Thorn, an engaging 2D shooter game as part of a game design course. The game comprises multiple levels, each escalating in difficulty. The primary objective is survival—players must endure waves of zombie spawns and eliminate them to progress. A unique twist lies in the bonuses dropped by defeated zombies, providing crucial aid for survival.

Players start with three lives, and the challenge intensifies as they navigate through the levels. Strategic use of bonuses becomes pivotal to overcoming increasingly formidable waves of zombies. The climax of Thorn is a challenging boss fight on the final level. The boss is exceptionally strong, employing specific jumping patterns that players must learn to defeat. It's a test of skill and memory, making the culmination of Thorn a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience.

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Screenshots taken from the game