February 15, 2018

Battleship is a multiplayer web-based game that brings the classic naval warfare game to the digital realm. Developed with a technical stack that includes JavaScript,, and Express for the backend, along with a Python watchdog to ensure continuous operation and automated restarts if needed.

Key Components:

  • JavaScript Frontend: Battleship's frontend is written in JavaScript, offering an interactive and responsive user interface. Players can engage in the classic battleship gameplay seamlessly through the web-based application.

  • and Express Backend: The backend of Battleship is powered by and Express, facilitating real-time communication between players during gameplay. ensures a smooth and responsive multiplayer experience, allowing players to strategize and compete in the virtual battleship arena.

  • Python Watchdog: A Python watchdog is incorporated into the architecture to monitor the application's health. Responsible for ensuring the continuous operation of the game, the watchdog detects potential issues and automatically restarts the application, enhancing the system's robustness.


Battleship offers players a multiplayer experience where they can strategically place their fleet, take turns attacking opponents, and compete in naval warfare. The combination of JavaScript,, and Express enables real-time updates, creating an engaging and immersive gaming environment.

Automated Restart with Python Watchdog:

The Python watchdog component plays a crucial role in maintaining the availability of Battleship. By continuously monitoring the application, the watchdog can detect errors or unexpected shutdowns and take corrective action by restarting the game automatically.

How to Explore:

For those interested in the technical details of Battleship or seeking insights into creating multiplayer web-based games with JavaScript and, the source code is available on the associated GitHub repository.

In summary, Battleship is a technical project that showcases the implementation of a multiplayer web-based game using JavaScript,, and Express, with an added layer of resilience provided by a Python watchdog for continuous operation.

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