Poll Speak

November 28, 2016

Pollspeak is a web application designed for creating, administering, and participating in dynamic polls. The project is constructed with a technical stack featuring AngularJS, Socket.io, and Express.js.

Key Components:

  • AngularJS Frontend: Pollspeak's frontend is built using AngularJS, a robust JavaScript framework for developing dynamic and responsive web applications. AngularJS enhances the user interface, providing an interactive and efficient platform for creating and participating in polls.

  • Real-Time Communication with Socket.io: The integration of Socket.io enables real-time communication within Pollspeak. This feature is crucial for instant updates and interaction during poll creation and participation, creating a dynamic and engaging user experience.

  • Express.js Backend: Pollspeak's backend is powered by Express.js, a flexible Node.js web application framework. Express.js handles server-side operations, managing data flow and communication between the frontend and backend components.


Pollspeak offers users the ability to create, administer, and participate in polls dynamically. The real-time communication facilitated by Socket.io ensures that participants receive instant updates on poll progress and results, fostering an engaging and interactive polling experience.

How to Use:

Visit the GitHub repository to explore Pollspeak and discover how it works. Developers and users interested in dynamic polling solutions can delve into the codebase, gaining insights into the technical implementation of AngularJS, Socket.io, and Express.js.

In summary, Pollspeak is more than just a polling app; it's a technical demonstration of how AngularJS, Socket.io, and Express.js come together to create an interactive and real-time polling experience. Whether you're interested in polling technology or looking to contribute, Pollspeak on GitHub provides a valuable resource for exploration.

Check it out here https://github.com/Drabble/TWEB-Labo2-Poll.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot of the website