Bunk bed

January 12, 2015

This project was back in the day when I lived in a very small room. I really needed to upgrade my room to have a proper desk for my computer. I decided that I should make a bunk bed with a desk underneath. I didn't need anything fancy, just functional and strong.

My first intuition was to make a 3d model with Blender to see how it would look and how much material I would require. These are the 3d models I made at first.

Picture Picture Picture

3d models for the bunk bed

Then I made some computations with a tool called the sagulator to estimate how much load my structure would hold. I also asked the great community of stackexchange woodworking for some advice. It is something I have always found incredible how you can always ask for help on the internet. https://woodworking.stackexchange.com/questions/2568/make-a-bunk-bed-v2

This discussion made me work on a revision of the first bunk bed version where I put the top beams on top of the vertical beams instead of in-between.

Picture Picture Picture

After that I gathered the material from a local shop and built the thing with old tools that were laying around. At the end I gave it a quick paint.

Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture

Pictures of the project